Membership in to the Bolton Wanderers Lifeline costs just £2 per week – with 50% of that payment going directly to Lancaster Whites. This is a great way that we support one of the Club’s lotteries, giving our members the chance to win great cash prizes but we can also raise funds for the Lancaster Whites to fund running buses etc.

The money we recive through Lifeline really does keep Lancaster Whites going!

The Lifeline is a weekly draw and gives members the chance to scoop a £2000 cash prize and other cash prizes.

Also as a Lancaster Whites member you have a second chance to win with our monthly draw where you can win either £70 or £30.

Please do get in touch with us if you would like to join and be in with the chance of winning these prizes and supporting Lancaster Whites!

Update- We have drawn the winners of the lifeline and they are on our Facebook page